November 2014 Blog Posts


Posted: 24 November 2014

 We are off again to the "Southern Classic Off Road Show and Autojumble" on Saturday 6th December. Come along to see all the amazing bikes on display and  search though the huge autojumble for all of your bike needs. We will be in our usual spot under the grandstand, so come on over and see if we can help you with your damaged or problem threads. If you think about what you might need before the show why not give us a call and avoid any disappointment, because we cant bring everything along!! We will have a selection of Thread repair kits, Drill sets, taps, dies and our Baerfix solid thread repair kits as well as many more helpful items. Hope to see you all there, come over for a chat we are always happy to see all of our loyal customers old or new.


Posted: 11 November 2014

Baerfix solid thread insert kits come with a self tapping insert that is case hardened steel, zinc plated then yellow chromated, they have a conical lead with cutting slots that are designed to cut their own threads as they are being driven into a drilled hole. This provides a secure and high-strength anchor. They create wear-free, vibration resistant screw joints with high loading capacity in materials with low shearing strength such as aluminium, light alloys, brass, bronze, NF metals, cast iron, laminates, hardwoods, plastics and many more. They are perfect for very damaged holes and in certain circumstances they can also be used to re-size a hole. Baerfix solid insert kits come in metric, spark plug, UNF, UNC sizes and workshop kits are also available. The kits come with a HSS drill, insertion tool, self tapping inserts and a 10mm hexagonal drive adaptor. They are something we recommend that everyone should have in there workshop or garage as they are a fantastic, versatile pieces of kit


Posted: 3 November 2014

Taps and dies are cutting tools which are mainly used to create screw threads, commonly known as threading. The tap is used to cut the female part (ie.nut) and the die cuts the male part (ie.bolt). They can also be used to clean a worn, damaged or rusted thread this process is called chasing, we always recommend when chasing to use a carbon steel (C/S) tap or die as carbon steel is a cheaper but softer metal,(we stock a full range of die nuts which are ideal for this job in both C/S and HSS). If you wanted to cut or create new threads we would always use high speed steel (HSS). A set of taps come in three different lead forms, taper, second and plug, each have there own unique uses. A taper would be used to start a thread as it has a longer lead, a second is an all round tap as it can start a thread or be used to clean a thread (its the one we use in our Uni-Thread repair kits!) and has a shorter lead, a plug tap is perfect for blind holes and will also clean but can not be used to start a thread as it has little or no lead at all. We stock two different types of taps, insert taps and hand taps, insert taps are oversized and cut a thread to allow you to insert a helicoil and return the thread to its original size, where a hand tap will cut a thread to its prefered size straight away.

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