April 2015 Blog Posts


Posted: 15 April 2015

The worlds largest classic bike event is taking place this april 25th & 26th at the staffordshire county showground. There will be lots to see and do, TV personalities Pete Thorne and Henry cole will be there doing daily sessions on essential restoration, as well as yorkshires first family of motorsport Nick & Tony Jefferies. You will be able to find everything you will ever need to fulfill all of your biking needs, and if you have any thread repair issues or questions please come over to see us. We will be in the main hall (stand number M33),carrying our large range of  helicoil type thread repair kits, taps & dies, drill sets and loose bags of wire thread inserts, all bags will have 1.5D length inserts so if you do require longer or shorter dont forget to call us before and we will bring them along. Hope to see you all there for what is always a fantastic show.

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