September 2014 Blog Posts


Posted: 29 September 2014

Sump plugs are positioned in the most awkward place possible thats why we have made our kits extremely straight forward and easy to use. No drilling or need to insert a wire or solid insert, our kits come with a reamer tap, copper washer and a specialist sized sump plug. They are so simple to use,  create a new thread with the over size reamer tap and then just screw in the supplied sump plug from the kit. We carry all of the most common sump plug sizes. If you need any more information please get in touch, we are always happy to offer honest, helpful advice"whether you buy from us or not"


Posted: 22 September 2014

Hi everyone, and what a great day it was at kempton on saturday, it was lovely to see you all there.  We managed to help a few people out, even if it was only advice thats what we are here for! Posted the last of the items we didnt have with us on saturday, remember if you know what you need just get in touch before the show and we will bring it along. Our feeler gauges went down a storm, sold out!! Must remember to take more with us next time. As always had a great response with our thread repair kits and drill sets. Already looking forward to seeing you all at Kempton Park on the 6th December, many thanks to Eric and Cathy Patterson for putting on another great autojumble.


Posted: 16 September 2014

Spark plugs can be awkward things especially when a thread gets stripped, thankfully this is were we can help. We can offer a choice of two types of spark plug kits, one with solid inserts and the other comes with wire thread inserts. Firstly our wire insert spark plug kit comes with a special pilot nose tap which picks up on the original damaged thread then cuts its own unique thread and requires no drilling, then simply screw in one of your wire thread inserts to return the thread to its original size. The solid spark plug kit work slightly differently, inside each kit there will be a tapping drill to allowing you to drill out the damaged thread, then you can simply screw in the solid insert, these are best for excessively damaged threads, but do need more clearance around the thread as they are more intrusive. We can offer all of the spark plug kits in a variaty of sizes and lenth of inserts. If you need any honest helpful advice please get in touch.


Posted: 8 September 2014

Hi everyone, just to let you know we will be at Kempton Park Autojumble Saturday 20th September!!! We will be taking a selection of our high quality Thread repair kits, drill sets, HSS taps and dies, and excessories. Dont forget if you know what you want now give us a call, we will make sure we bring it along. The main hall will be the place to be and thats were you will find us, under the grand stand. Come along and say hi, and get some friendly, honest advice.

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